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NURS-NUAD - Nursing, Nursing Administration Concentration, M.S.N.

Nursing GR M.S.N.

Program Long Title

Nursing, Nursing Administration Concentration, M.S.N.




Catalog Full Description

The Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) is delivered following the standard protocol established for the delivery of online courses and programs. This program will prepare nurses to:

  • Teach in a variety of academic and practice settings;

  • Provide advanced nursing care to rural, urban, and underserved populations;

  • Practice in collaborative and interdisciplinary relationships;

  • Assume positions of leadership in the health care delivery system;

  • Contribute to the current and evolving body of nursing science; and

  • Continue study at the doctoral level.

The purposes of the MSN Program are:

  • To increase access to graduate nursing education, especially for those nurses aspiring to teach in entry level nursing programs, manage professional practice work settings, and practice as advanced clinicians in a changing health care delivery system.

  • To maximize the effective use of technology for delivery of graduate-level instruction. Distance delivery through the use of technology will increase access to graduate education, especially in remote areas of the state and for practicing nurses for whom time flexibility is a critical resource.

  • To provide student access to web-based courses and degree programs. Web-based courses will reach populations not currently enrolled in graduate education, and will also permit students who are currently enrolled in on-campus courses to take additional courses, thus completing their programs sooner.


  • MSN Core: 15 hours

  • Concentration Core: 15 hours

  • Practicum: 6 hours

  • Total: 36 hours