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Students admitted to a master's program will be placed in one of the following categories: full standing, provisional standing, or special standing.

Full Standing

This category indicates that in the opinion of the appropriate department and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies the student has an adequate background for pursuing graduate work, and that all minimum requirements for admission to graduate standing have been met.

Provisional Standing

This classification denotes that the student does not qualify for full standing due to deficiencies in meeting specific program requirements.  "Provisional Standing" is not equivalent to "conditional" admission for the purpose of international student enrollment.

Special Standing

A classification that denotes that the student has declared a non-degree graduate objective.

Conditional Admission

A classification that denotes an applicant has applied for graduate admission, has met minimum GPA requirements, and has been issued a letter to assist with obtaining immigration documents to attend an English language institute.  This does not grant admission to the applicant nor does it guarantee admission to Tennessee Tech or a specific program.

Change of Classification

The College of Graduate Studies will change a student's Provisional Standing to Full Standing when the deficiencies identified at the time of admission are removed, provided, at the sole discretion of the department and college,

1.  the deficiencies are cured prior to the completion of 15 graduate hours or

2.  after acceptable completion of nine (9) graduate hours if the sole deficiency is caused by an unacceptable admissions exam score.  A student's failure to remove the deficiencies by the deadline established by Tennessee Tech Graduate Admissions will result in a registration hold being placed on future registrations until such time as the deficiencies have been removed.