Campus Health Services

Tennessee Technological University has a state-of-the-art campus health center which provides medical services for minor illnesses or injuries to any student enrolled at the University on a walk-in basis during hours of operation. The health service staff includes nurses, a nurse practitioner, physician, and pharmacist who plan and implement care for students during daytime hours Monday through Friday. The only charge made to a student is for medications, treatments, supplies, or laboratory work.

The student is responsible for expenses incurred for ambulance service, calls at a local physician's office, emergency services, and other services provided at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Health and accident insurance is available to each student upon his/her registration at Tennessee Tech. This insurance coverage is authorized and approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Coverage provides hospital, surgical, and in-hospital medical protection on a year-round basis beginning with the first day of fall registration and continuing until the first day of fall registration the following year. Students may enroll in the plan during registration or at any time during the year by picking up an application at the Health Services Office (Infirmary).

Two (2) plans of coverage are available at reasonable rates. Optional maternity coverage is offered under both plans. Details concerning this insurance are available at the Student Health Service and during registration. Students are encouraged to participate in one (1) of the insurance plans, as it supplements the above services offered by Campus Health Services.