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Message from the President

Dear Student,

    Congratulations and welcome to Tennessee Technological University.  As a graduate student, we offer you a place to focus on relevant work, to fearlessly pursue answers to problems that have global implications, and to diligently dedicate yourself to creating knowledge.

    Universities ultimately exist to create and transfer knowledge and to identify and develop human talent. During your personal experience here, you can expect that we will offer you the tools and environment you need to succeed.

    We strive to incorporate the latest technology throughout all disciplines. As our university focuses on the national priorities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we strengthen all our programs by infusing technological innovation across campus. 

    TTU is also staying responsive to the needs of industry and to society. You will work with researchers, scholars and mentors here who maintain relationships with key industrial, government and community leaders.

    You have joined the company of an esteemed group – those who have chosen TTU to prepare them for success in their careers and in their life experiences. Our alumni hold positions as Fortune 500 CEOs, NASA astronauts, government leaders, renowned professors, respected researchers and other prestigious leaders.

    You will make a positive impact here. Congratulations for choosing to become an important part of Tennessee Tech University.


Philip B. Oldham