The residence of a dependent student is presumed to be that of his/her parents. Residence (for fee-paying purposes) is interpreted to mean where the parents are domiciled. Unless the contrary appears from clear and convincing evidence, it is presumed that an emancipated person does not acquire domicile in Tennessee while enrolled as a full-time student at any public or private institution of higher education in the state. A student once classified as an out-of-state student will continue to be so classified unless a review of classification is requested. An emancipated individual who is working full time (30 hours per week or more) in Tennessee may register for up to 7 hours per term at in-state rates while establishing permanent residency.

A graduate assistant is classified as an in-state resident for fee-paying purposes only while he/she is an assistant. Residency will be reviewed when assistantship ends.

Change of residence status for tuition purposes is never automatic. A request for review must be made to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and adequate information must be provided by the student to warrant a review of resident status. Many factors, such as full-time employment for an extended period, are taken into consideration when a student's resident status is reviewed. If the review is negative, a request for exception may be filed with the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and, then, the Graduate School Executive Committee.

If Tennessee residency is approved, the classification change shall be effective at the next registration after the approval has been granted.