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MACC-MAC - Accountancy, M.Acc.

Accounting GR M.Acc.

Program Long Title

Accountancy, M.Acc.




Catalog Full Description

The 30-credit hour MAcc program was designed with two options, a 1-year track and a 2-year track. Due to the importance of completing the degree in a timely fashion and time limits established by the Tennessee Society of CPA’s for completing the CPA Exam, it is important that the discipline of either a 1-year or 2-year timeline be imposed on applicants. The disciplined time-line will also contribute to lowering the attrition rate and increasing the likelihood of graduation.

The MAcc is a 100% online program with limited face-to-face interaction. While the coursework will be online, there is a provision in the program for two residency experiences. These residency experiences will be required components of the program and, combined with the online pre-work, will count for 1 credit hour each. Students will attend two live weekend sessions that will include group project work, group presentations, seminars and networking opportunities. The residency experiences will also provide vital “touch points” in the program that will allow students and faculty to communicate in a one-on-one exchange of thoughts and ideas related to the program and course materials.

The following are the MAcc degree requirements:

  • Core Required Courses: 24 hours

  • Advisor Approved Electives: 6 hours

  • Total Degree Requirement: 30 hours

Departmental Mission

The Department holds separate AACSB Accounting Accreditation. Accordingly, our mission is "to graduate students characterized by a commitment to professional competence, ethical conduct, excellent communication skills, and critical thinking." Toward that end, we strive to provide students access to advanced knowledge in the field of accounting and we emphasize the importance of life-long learning and continuing professional development.

We strive to adhere to a set of values that embraces our commitment to a standard of excellence. Those values include:
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Diversity of Thought
• Excellence
• Team Collaboration

The purposes of the MAcc Program at TTU include delivery of: (1) strong, masters-level education that provides accounting students with advanced academic knowledge, requisite professional skills, and a relevant, high-quality pathway to the profession and associated certifications", (2) high-quality programming that facilitates students' development and growth as successful, ethical business leaders, (3) appropriate graduate-level degree programming to meet the needs of aspiring professional accountants and their prospective employers that is not currently available to TTU accounting graduates, and (4) using online and associated technologies to increase Tennesseans' access to graduate accounting education.