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HRL-CER - Human Resource Leadership Certificate, M.P.S.

Program Long Title

Human Resource Leadership Certificate, M.P.S.


Interdisciplinary Studies

Catalog Full Description

Human Resource professionals are increasingly becoming an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning process.  Company executives turn to HR professionals for policy directives and creative ways to use human capital for improved performance results. 

The Human Resources Leadership Certificate through the School of Professional Studies focuses on a variety of workplace factors (economic, environmental, ethical, legal, political and administrative) and the impact they can have on organizational productivity, performance, and behavior. 

The objective of this program is to help students develop a strong foundation in HR principles and procedures, as well as develop critical thinking skills required to make good decisions and solve problems concerning the human side of business.

An interdisciplinary studies approach to this field is a perfect fit - succeeding in human resources requires a variety of skills, abilities, experiences, knowledge and the excellent graduate-level degree education students will receive through the flexible and rewarding program.

Students seeking a Graduate Certificate will go through the graduate application process as if they were seeking an MPS degree, meeting all admissions requirements as set forth in the degree program. Once admitted, students are considered MPS degree seeking students and will be working towards completing the pre-defined coursework (15 hours) as listed in this catalog. Upon completion of the 15 hours defined in the program, the student will receive a Graduate Certificate in the appropriate field of study. After completion of the 15 hour Graduate Certificate, the student may continue to fulfill the requirements of the MPS degree. Students are required to meet all graduate student requirements that include maintaining their GPA at the 3.0 level.

Certificate requires 15 credit hours.