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TheTennessee TechMBA is fully accredited by AACSB International-the highest attainable level of accreditation. The MBA degree may be obtained completely online or through a combined online/on-campus program of study.

The MBA program offers the option for 100% online completion, in as little as one year.The online learning environment is highly interactive and incorporates case discussions, teamwork, simulations, and other active-learning approaches.MBA courses make a strong connection between academic subjects and the practical issues facing managers in todays globally competitive, high tech, and analytically-focused business environment.

MBA Admission Requirements

Tennessee Techs AACSB-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) program maintains an admission process that considers applicants total academic and work-life achievements. Admission is open to qualified students with a bachelors degree from a regionallyaccredited institution. No GMAT or GRE test score is required to apply. Applications are accepted for fall, spring, and summer semester admission. Application deadlines are listed on the Universitys Graduate Studies webpage.

To Apply: Visit the online application portal Apply Here, create an account, complete the application, and upload the following required documents

A current resume, containing dates for all work experience and degrees received.

Official transcripts from all institutions where classes were taken and/or a degree received. Factors that may be considered in the admission decision are:

Undergraduate GPA*

Professional Work Experience

Graduate Degrees and Relevant Achievements


Professional work experience is post-undergraduate professional or military experience and should be described on the applicants resume.

Graduate degrees (e.g., MD, JD, MS, MA, PharmD, etc.) should be documented on the applicants transcript(s) and denoted on the resume.

Timely application is important. Applicants are advised to submit their completed application and all required documentation early to be given full consideration for upcoming semesters. Visit the Graduate Admissions Calendar for a complete list of application deadlines.

Important to Note: Additional information is required by Graduate Studies for international students (see Graduate Studies website). A score of 550 (79 internetbased) on the TOEFL or a band score of 6.0 on the IELTS is required for all students whose native language is other than English. Students must be proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software including the integration of all three of the above.

Academic Background

The Tennessee Tech MBA welcomes applicants from all academic majors. An undergraduate business degree or prerequisite business courses are not required to be admitted to the program. In lieu of prerequisite coursework, the program provides a self-paced orientation experience that allows students to start the MBA with foundational knowledge. Further details about orientation arrive to accepted students in their admissions information packet.

Standing Upon Admission

Students may be admitted in Full Standing or with Provisional Standing. Admission in Full gives students the greatest flexibility in taking MBA courses. Students admitted provisionally must take ECON 6050 within the first nine (9) hours of their program and maintain a 3.0 GPA on the first nine (9) hours of MBA core content completed. Upon meeting these requirements, the provisional student will be moved to Full Standing.

Fast Track Program

Fast Track allows selected undergraduates to enroll for up to six (6) hours of graduate courses that will count at both the undergraduate and graduate level prior to formal admission to the MBA program. Once admitted to Fast Track, the student will be allowed to enroll in appropriate MBA courses in the senior year with the consent of the students undergraduate advisor and the director of Graduate Business Programs. Participation does not change the requirements for the students undergraduate or MBA program.

Admission to Fast-Track

Minimum requirements for admission are:

  • 90 hours of undergraduate work or senior standing and successful completion of any required prerequisites
  • Recommendation of a faculty member in the students major
  • Overall GPA of 3.2 and GPA of 3.2 in the students major
  • Program participants should consult with their future MBA advisor regarding appropriate graduate courses to take during their senior year.
  • All requirements for full admission to Graduate School must be met upon graduation.
  • Students who do not receive a grade of B or better in the fast-tracked course will be advised towithdraw from the Fast Track program and complete their B.S. degree as normal.

Fulfilling the above minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Master of Business Administration Fast Track program or the MBA program.Students who meet the above minimum requirements must consult with the College of Business for eligibility and acceptance.

MBA Program

MBA Program Website

The MBA program requires no prerequisites and is designed for college graduates regardless of major.In all organizations, career success and advancement requires knowledge of finance, marketing, accounting, information technology, analytics, and management.In addition, the teamwork, leadership, technological and communication skills along with the networking opportunities provided throughout the MBA experience add value for full time students, working professionals, and their current employers.

The Tennessee Tech MBA is a 30-hour program. It consists of eight 3-hour core courses (24 credit hours) and two 3-hour general electives (6 credit hours). Full-time students can complete the program in one (1) calendar year. Part-time students take courses at their preferred pace, often taking only one or two courses per term. Students have up to six (6) years to complete the program.

The MBA core consists of eight 3-hour common courses:

-Economics 6000 (ECON6000) - Managerial Economics

-Accounting 6010 (ACCT6010) - Accounting Information for Management Decisions

-Finance 6020 (FIN6020) - Financial Management

-Economics 6050 (ECON6050) - Analytical Decision Making

-Marketing 6100 (MKT6100) - Strategic Marketing

-Business Management 6200 (BMGT6200) - Organizational Leadership

-Decision Sciences 6220 (DS6220) - Management of Information Technology

-Business Management 6950 (BMGT6950) - Business Strategy

The core courses provide technical and contextual knowledge as they develop students managerial competence.In addition to assuring a working knowledge of primary business functions, these career-relevant courses provide opportunities to work individually and in teams through a variety of case studies, simulations, and research projects.The six(6) credit hours of electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student.

Certificate Tracks

For an additional 6-9 hours beyond the 30-hour MBA, interested students can add an industry-focused Graduate Certificate. There are four certificate options:
-Banking & Financial Services.
-Cyber Management & Analytics
-Health Care Informatics

Each certificate requires 15 hours of directed electives. For more information on electives that comprise each certificate, see Industry-Focused Certificates on the MBA website. Students may apply the six hours of electives that are part of the MBA toward a certificate then add on the additional courses to complete the certificate.

Quality of Work

An MBAstudent is required to maintain a cumulative grade average of at least B (3.0) on all courses taken for degree purposes, and must achieve a grade of B or better in BMGT 6950 . Students must repeat BMGT 6950 until a grade of B or better is obtained. Other courses may be repeated at the discretion of the student,and both the original grade and the grade for the repeat will be counted in the cumulative average. Any student receiving a Dor an F in an MBAdegree course shall be dismissed from the program.