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ENG-CW - English, Creative Writing Concentration, M.A.

English GR M.A.

Program Long Title

English, Creative Writing Concentration, M.A.


Arts and Sciences


Catalog Full Description

The Master of Arts degree program in the Department of English prepares graduates for success in any further graduate and professional education which might require superior analytical and communication skills. It prepares them for Ph.D. programs in English by increasing their knowledge of literary history and improving their skills in writing, literary analysis, and research. Graduates can become effective high-school or college-level teachers by improving their knowledge of writing pedagogy and theory. They will also be prepared for careers outside the academic world wherever superior analytical and communication skills and knowledge of literary and cultural traditions are essential.

Creative Writing: This concentration is a great option for graduate students wishing to develop their abilities as creative writers in poetry, fiction, and/or essay/memoir. Graduates in this degree concentration will develop exceptional creative and communication skills, applicable to a variety of career uses, as well as for artistic development. The Creative Writing concentration is only offered as a thesis option.

Thesis Option

  • Core Required Courses: 12 hours

  • Concentration Content Courses: 12 hours

  • Research and Thesis Requirement: 6 hours

  • Total Degree Requirements: 30 hours