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An instructor may assign an "I" Grade when a student's performance has been satisfactory, but for reasons beyond the student's control, they have not been able to complete the Graduate course requirements within the allotted time.

When a Grade of "I" is assigned, the graduate student will not be required to register for the Graduate course again but must complete the original course requirements with the original instructor, if applicable.

Upon approval of the instructor, the graduate student has up to one (1) calendar year or until the time of graduation, whichever comes first, to remove the "I".

Completion of a Graduate course with a Grade of "I" does not count toward enrollment hours.

The "I" is excluded from the calculation of the graduate student's Current GPA and Cumulative GPA until a Grade is earned.

If the "I" is not removed within the established time limits, it is automatically changed to a Grade of "IF".  The Grade of "IF" will remain on the student's academic record permanently and will be included in the Cumulative GPA.  A Graduate student cannot graduate with an "I" on their record.